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Tethrr Beta Features

Link Hot and Cold Wallets

Connect your hot and cold wallets so your hot wallet gets the benefit from the NFT holdings of your cold wallet. Connect your cold wallet to fewer sites with Tethrr.

Free Snapshot Tool

Run NFT wallet snapshots quickly and easily with our NFT Snapshot Tool. No programming or blockchain experience needed.


Integrate Tethrr into your backend management software using industry standard REST-API.

Days Held

Run advanced analytics - find out how long wallets have held specific NFTs.

Minters vs Secondary

Know if NFTs holders minted or purchased on secondary.

Group By

Aggregate holdings by user to see how many NFTs each wallet holds.

Other Holdings

Figure out what other NFTs wallets are holding in addition to yours.
(coming soon)


Coming Soon - Manage random giveaways via Twitter or Discord.


Coming Soon - Powerful dashboards provide everything you need to know about your favorite blue-chip projects on 1 page.

Marketing Parternships

If you are a project owner and looking to improve the experience for your holders - we are signing up launch partners now. Please reach out to tethrr@gmail.com for more information.